Agencia de Viaje

agencia de viajeSi usted siempre ha soñado con explorar el Amazonas o El Mundo Perdido, una visita guiada puede ser para usted. Viajes con Guía puede quitar el estrés y la ansiedad de la planificación de unas vacaciones al permitir que un operador turístico para crear un itinerario para usted. Pero, ¿cómo encontrar el operador turístico?
Aqui hay los mejores tour operadores en Venezuela, basado en el número y la diversidad de viajes que ofrece, así como el valor en dólares de viaje. Debido a una agencia de viajes no pueden tener todo lo que necesita, hemos enumerado finalistas que creemos que vale la pena considerar también. Tenga en cuenta que no estamos apoyando cualquier proveedor de uno sobre otro, nuestra intención es proporcionar un buen punto de partida para su búsqueda.
Aquí puedes determinar la calidad es averiguar cómo un operador turístico en particular es considerado por sus antiguos clientes. Usted puede comenzar haciendo el propio operador de cuestionario de evaluación anteriores (estos pueden aparecer incluso en su página web).
Recuerde que pensar en el tipo de recorrido que desee, incluso antes de comenzar la búsqueda. Son alojamientos de alta gama en su agenda? ¿Cuánto tiempo libre le quieres? ¿Prefiere ver las vistas desde la comodidad de un autobús con aire acondicionado? etc. su operador de viajes puedes auydar con todo este preguntas..

Solicitudes de boletos aéreos - Por favor manda un correo electronico con los destinos, nombres y numeros de cedulas a: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Image Part of strategies to promote tourism in Venezuela and emission is to create alliances and agreements with the countries tourist brothers-as stated by the Minister of People's Power for Tourism (MINTUR), Pedro Morejon Cuba during his participation in relation to the International Tourism Fair of Cuba (FITCUBA).

Morejón recognized the importance of establishing strategic relations with neighboring countries to address issues relating to tourism and other topics, to develop the objectives of each.

"Through this alliance we have with Cuba to strengthen the lines established tourism in both countries, which are within the conduct meetings and meetings with international trainers, create new routes, providing more travel options for tourists as the" Multi ", which is working with the" tour "to ensure the smooth operation of these strategies," said Morejón.

Similarly, the holder of MINTUR reported to strengthen the training of tourism service providers are working with and Tourism Training Institute of Cuba (Formatura) and the Instituto Nacional de Turismo de Venezuela (Inatur) to exchange experiences between both to improve the machinery that motorize tourism.

For his part, Manuel Marcano, Minister of Tourism said that Cuba "is a priority for us to continue enhancing the emission of tourists with strategic alliances, such as that currently under way with Venezuela through the MINTUR and its owner, Pedro Morejón. What we seek is to promote tourism through the exchange of tourist destinations. " (Press MINTUR / Normelys Muñoz)

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Image The president of Cuba, Raul Castro, met with the Minister of Popular Power for Tourism (Tourism Ministry), Pedro Morejon, to assess existing agreements and to reaffirm the tourism projects and social training that have been running after the visit to Venezuela to stand Intenracional Tourism Fair of Cuba (FITCUBA 2009.)

The meeting also was attended by tourism ministers and defense of Cuba, Manuel Marrero and Julio Casas respectively, who presented the main statistical indicators of the Cuban republic and the agreements and projects that have been running between the two nations.

The opportunity was propitious to restore the Cuba-Venezuela, through the creation of a dolphin, whose investment amount is $ 3 million 613 000 844 (USD), which will be located on the eastern coastline of the country for the enjoyment of tourists and visitors.

Also addressed the business alliance for the promotion of tourist destinations binational, joint participation in international fairs and the search for new mechanisms for the transfer of foreign exchange in tourism operations.

Another point raised was related to the possible creation of a United Front of allied countries in international tourism, such as the World Tourism Organization, Association of Caribbean States, Caribbean Tourism Organization and others.

The assistance was to elevate a plan that benefits to public officials and the Revolutionary Armed Forces who, through preferential credit lines with banks of the State, to travel to the island, thereby increasing outbound tourism.

Also addressed issues advice to foster Cuban Popular Camping and improvement of marine Venetur.

Meeting with Cuba's tourist agencies

The Venezuelan Commission also held meetings with various Cuban tourist authorities and international tour operators from Canada, Italy, Spain, Argentina and Russia mainly, as well as several hotel chains installed in Cuba, to supplement knowledge in the areas of training and training providers tourism services. (Press Mintur / Alan Magician).

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We are a group of professionals committed to show the wonders of our country through responsible activities in natural environments, which will always be guided to pay more attention to nature conservation, with emphasis on the tourist leave a mark how to enjoy the natural beauty and help preserve it. Hiking: This is one way to be more in touch with nature and be able to see, hear, feel and smell the opportunity we offer you this experience. Expeditions and study of caves, it becomes very interesting to know its origin, to know their use by our ancestors so we invite you to the various caves at the national level. The best climbing walls and guides await. Do not miss the opportunity to release all the adrenaline that causes the fall in the middle of the rough waters of our rivers, is an experience that we can not stop living. And I remember not only for professionals but it is for those who have not had the opportunity to experience this extreme adventure. At the dam site camantagua find more fun for the conduct of the sport, for professionals and those wishing to experience this sport that is not harmful to nature and the fish are returned to their environment. We offer this fun weekend ...

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To promote the expansion and consolidation of friendly ties and greater knowledge of life, history and cultural heritage between the two countries, the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and the Republic of Bulgaria, signed an Agreement of Cooperation Tourism, which was approved by the National Assembly through
its publication in the Official Gazette 39170 dated May 4, 2009.

The two nations are convinced that tourism is a vital resource for economic development, therefore agree to encourage and foster cooperation in the area by promoting tourism flows between these countries on the basis of the principles of equality, mutual respect sovereignty and reciprocity of advantages.

The Ministry of Popular Power for Tourism (Tourism Ministry) will be the executing agency of this agreement, in order to develop various areas of cooperation and encourage the composition of expert panels and implementation of best practices that will accelerate the increase in activity Desk.

In this bi-national agreement states that Venezuela and Bulgaria will participate in exhibitions, conferences, fairs and tourism events to promote the natural attractions and tourist service centers, and training in the area support the exchange of experiences and knowledge in all sectors tourism. In addition, evaluate the proposals for seminars and training courses for staff working in this area.

Similarly, in the contect of the Memorandum of Understanding for the Establishment of the Intergovernmental Joint Venezuelan-Bulgarian, will organize a working group in the area of ​​tourism with the aim of monitoring and evaluating the implementation of the provisions of signing of the agreement and discuss any other issues of common interest. (Press Mintur / Elsa Loewenthal)