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Los Roques offers a lot of different activities such as sailing, fishing, diving, kite surfing, paddle surfing and for those who just want to enjoy a full day tour leaving from Caracas all inclusive. Angel Falls is a must when you visit Venezuela!. Isla de Margarita also called La Isla Bonita!

Enjoy this special selection of visits to remote and unspoiled places in Venezuela!

Relax in Choroní , visit a cocoa plantation!

Mochima with its many islands and good diving!

New: Adventure Amazonas and La Gran Sabana!

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1 Fishing in Venezuela
One of the best areas in the world of sport fishing and is very close to Caracas ... read more
2 La Cigala!
Enjoy all-inclusive Los Roques La Cigala.
3 Yacht charter in Venezuela
Sailing in the Southern Caribbean.
4 Diving in Los Roques
Diving in the archipelago of Los Roques is the essence of an adventure. A type of diving do eat virgin 40 years, almost nonexistent today. It is a paradise of natural reefs and a spectacular underwater landscape with great surprises.
5 La Gran Sabana
Time has made this a surreal paradise you feel like on another planet. The land is often pink and purple and the water is like wine. This is the lost world..
6 Fishing for Bonefish in Los Roques
Los Roques, also known as the Bonefish Paradise offers you the opportunity to capture a large number of fish in the category of 5 to 12 pounds throughout the year. One day guided fishing is possible. Tell us what inn you are staying and our guide will come to see you when you're ready.
7 Cacao Travel
Discover how to live in a cocoa plantation in Venezuela.
8 Best of Venezuela!
Tourism in Venezuela and more!
9 Roraima
Join this tour for 6 days and 5 nights discovering the lost world with Carlos Luis and PuriPuri Tours.

Caracas and all travel related services in Gran Caracas...

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