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Shopping in Caracas is irresistible to people of all ages, the large number of shops and malls open their doors throughout the day.
From beautiful antiques to the latest in design, clothing, fashion, the most prestigious brands, gifts, souvenirs or specialist foodstuffs, dress the windows of the entire gay community to the passer. Traditional shops or large firms, shopping malls and street markets in Caracas a world of infinite possibilities when it comes to shopping.

In find the information you need about shopping in Caracas, the opinions of people there and all the information you need.

If you're planning a trip to the city of Caracas, you are in the most appropriate section. Find interesting facts about the city, including the Caracas dining guides, attractions and events in Caracas, not to mention hotels and accommodation in Caracas. Be sure to use our internal search tool to find information related to the issue of travel to Venezuela. Compare services and offers here! Thanks to the views of other users.

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Galerias Prados del Este
Important commercial center providing these services and complements Concresa Mall, Pyramid, and Humboldt. Its beautiful Mediterranean architecture and its striking pink are animated by a mini amusement and games for children. Through its...
Marina Plaza Shopping Center
Trade, professional and full entertainment Venezuela, it includes: commercial, professional offices, supermarket, entertainment, movie theaters, hotel and marina. with a significant investment. The Marina Company Cumanagoto CA as project owner, is pleased to...
Macaracuay Plaza Shopping Center
Strategically located consists of a section of offices in the twin towers linked by a commercial area distributed by 6 levels. Inside the mall, created to provide services, offices and entertainment, including premises are...
Garden City Mall - Maracay
It is located on Avenida Las Delicias Maracay, at the intersection with Avenida José María Vargas, in the highest purchasing sector of the city and greater potential for housing development aimed at levels A and...
Commercial & Recreational Center Virtues
Currently has the most modern commercial offer, bold and full of all the free zone as we are the largest shopping center across the state offering 150 stores (including franchises exclusive international) with a variety...
Centro Comercial Plaza Las Americas 2
Europe in the coffee plantation. Sit on a cappuccino or a Pannini in outdoor cafes Plaza Las Americas II, will make you feel on the Via Veneto in Rome or in the Gran Via...
Atlantic Plaza Shopping Center
Everything you are looking for your needs having the best stores in the country. Art, baby items, banks, cinemas.
Mall Plaza - Trujillo
The Plaza Shopping Centre is located in the heart of the best residential area of the city of Valera, with three main fronts: Avenida Bolivar, the largest of the city, Avenida 6 and Calle 26,...
Tolon Fashion Mall Shopping Center
Ladies Clothing & Accessories, men's clothing and accessories, children's clothing and accessories, electronics, computer and video game Automercado, banks, shoes, handbags and leather goods, cell phones, movies, brokerage, real estate, record stores, amusement and entertainment...
Venezuelan markets Ca Mercavenpe For Small Businesses
Dry goods auction: Footwear, Apparel, Appliances, Sound Equipment, Furnishings, Art, Gifts, Furniture, Tools choosing between new or used. Traditional traders properly reviewed, and traceable. Medium and large companies topped their inventories. Vendors...
77 results - showing 1 - 10 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
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