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Hotels in Colonia Tovar

Most hotels require advance reservation and minimum stay of two nights.
La Residenza Verona Shack nice rooms with bath / hot water, refrigerator, coffee maker, cable TV, table and chairs for 3 persons.
Blue Danube, Inn, restaurant, bar and supply. Due to its location 300 meters from the village, it is easier to raise from the Green Cross detour road, Calvary Museum to drop from Cruz Verde. It offers 16 simple rooms for 4 people and two room apartments with kitchenette and two more double bedrooms, bathroom / hot water, cable TV. There is a shared living room with fireplace. The price of the rooms include breakfast, but only for two.
In the San Jose area, are Cabañas Don Keller. Instead of cabins, there are four simple but comfortable apartments with kitchen triples all with private bath / hot water, cable TV.

On the main road down to the people at the El Calvario, a beautiful new alternative to and is Posada La villager with five double bedrooms and a house with three beds, all with bath / hot water, large towels, hair dryer, coffee maker (coffee, sugar, instant coffee), radio-alarm clock, satellite TV / DVD, linens and furniture first, WiFi. The price includes breakfast, lunch or dinner are available on request. The house has two comfortable lounge areas with fireplaces. To rent a hut day with large barbecue, plus all utensils / dishes, and tables in the garden.

Breidenbach cottages with 20 rooms featuring normal and apartment-type units (not cabins in a series of modules with "frameworks" painted on the walls all with bath / hot water, cable TV, WiFi. They range from standard rooms to apartments without a kitchen for 5 with kitchen and fireplace. It has a large area with grills, patio / tables and new playground. In Breidenbach no food service, but the Bergland hotel across the street, has an excellent restaurant.

Apart from the traditional German dishes, there are sophisticated options such as chicken scallops covered with colonieros tomato sauce and fresh basil, baked with mozzarella cheese and served with crispy potatoes, baked rabbit with mushrooms and tomatoes, served with vegetables spatzel and babies; picacatas turkey with figs and raisins, orange sauce, grapes and port wine, brie cheese overflowing with almonds, and vegetable croquettes, grilled mahi-mahi steak topped with tempura shrimp and squid salad and dips of sour-sweet And finally, irresistible are as tempting desserts like a cone filled with chocolate mousse on a nest of strawberries, crème brulée Baileys and coffee ice cream.

To stay, Hotel Bergland has 15 pleasant and spacious double rooms most with troja for extra person in addition to seven units of "cottages" (no kitchen), all with balcony or terrace, bathroom / hot water, satellite TV and heating.

Via Palmarito ay other new site is Posada Investment Freddy Rudman on the rise right after the restaurant La Molina. It provides a home for seven with kitchen and 14 single rooms but comfortable suite including a "honeymoon" with beds, jacuzzi and fireplace all with bath / hot water, cable TV.

In the same way, fine Titisee Cabins have four rooms with double and sofa bed plus three duplex apartments with kitchenette, all with bath / hot water, outside sink, hair dryer, cable TV, mini fridge, and a shared barbecue .

Gutt Homes has 18 pleasant options (all with bath / hot water, TV) surrounded by gardens filled with flowers. There are rooms with 1-2 normal beds and apartments with kitchens, some with fireplace. Very popular for families is a large green area with swings and barbecue.

In the center of the colony is obligatory walk around the "center square" with the church (the basis of the existing built in 1862), the Plaza Bolivar, shelves selling vegetables and flowers, numerous restaurants, shops and accommodation deals. Behind the historic Café Mühstall (dating from 1845) is Gasthaus Alicia. Alicia is in the Mühstall offers 13 spacious rooms and attractive, with bath / hot water and cable TV.

One block down from the church, via Caracas, at the entrance to Cabanas Silberbrunnen, Leonidas Rudman, has been steadily expanding its Cabañas Leo. Began with two rooms are simple but pleasant at home. Then he added a cabin for six. Now, two new cabins, one with a double bedroom, kitchen / dining room with fireplace and sofa-bed duplex, the other the same, except they do not have a fireplace all with bath / hot water, cable TV, beautiful cabinets painted details kitchen and "pictures" on the walls, gardens and a terrace with tables and barbecue.

Cabañas Oberbergen release are in the first inning to the left via Caracas after church with kitchenette and two bedrooms (two double rooms with cable TV), others for three with mini fridge and TV in one room, all with bath / hot water.

Cabañas Hessen via Center-La Ballesta, with a new entrance and reception in a log house of two floors in the main street and parking, roads that go up to the seven cabins (living-dining-kitchen, 1-2 bedrooms, bathroom / hot water, cable TV / DVD, WiFi - for 2, Temp.

The restaurant offers food Ballesta and four rooms each day. It also has a field of target shooting with bows and the other with air rifles.

Hotel Edelweiss with new owner, Sulpicio Strubinger Smith, and a beautiful king suites with fireplace. Offer 4x4 excursions.

Hotel Selva Negra pioneer that opened here in 1938, has just opened a nice cafe area in a courtyard next to the parking lot, with three cottages offering delicacies and umbrella tables next to enjoy the view while eating or taking their lunch.

Rebstock, Codazzi street, has added a nice cabin with separate entrance and a fireplace to offer six comfortable suites all with private bath / hot water and 2 sink, refrigerator, satellite TV and balcony for 2 people. To book!


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One of the largest states of Venezuela and less known. The length of paved road from the entrance to the state in the northwest corner route to the capital Puerto Nuevo, Puerto Ayacucho, is just 90 kilometers and here the road only continues for about 100 kilometers to Samariapo.

Amazon can be reached with the line from Caracas Conviasa area in just 2 hours flight and arrive in the capital there to enjoy the attractions nearby, scanning the rest of the vast territory is limited to visits by river, light aircraft or helicopter.
No matter if its incursion into the Amazon takes place only in Puerto Ayacucho and around or inside, taking some tours to discover this world of jungle and rivers, an unforgettable experience.

Nearly 90% of its surface is covered with tropical jungle and dense vegetation, boasting the highest diversity of Venezuela, with about 9000 species of plants, of which some 8000 are endemic. It also has a large number of animal species, including some 700 different types of birds.

Population, estimated at some 140,000 people, 50% belong to 19 ethnic groups or indigenous. Almost 6.3 million hectares are under protection with four national parks, 19 natural monuments (15 of them are table mountains and Cerro La Neblina, with 3014 meters, is the highest mountain in South America that is not in the Andes) the Orinoco Casiquiare Biosphere Reserve, the forest reserve and watershed Sipapo Cuao protective Cataniapo River watershed.

Puerto Ayacucho to view.
Bishop Enzo Ceccarelli Ethnological Museum in the same street (Tuesday-Friday 8:30 am-11: 30 am, 2:30 pm-6: 00 pm, Saturday 9:00 am-12 m, 3:30 pm-7: 00 pm, Sunday 9:00 am-1: 00 pm). Through the exhibitions will have a vision of ethnic status, crafts, home and lifestyle.
Just around the corner on Avenue Aguerrevere with Black River, is the best food in the restaurant Cheraz, Arab and international specialties. In the Orinoco Avenue, via the airport, every day runs a popular market. But on Saturday there is more competition for the Indians to be installed south of the avenue. Here you will find various fruits and the palm (yellow to red) and co-curing (like a small grape purple), fish as payara, the famous hot katara Bachaco ants fact, cassava. Many products are brought into fabrics containers with green palm leaves.
Going to the airport, if it crosses to the east on Avenida La Florida, you can admire the striking Stone House, balanced on a huge stone slab.
As you can try rafting activities in Atures. In addition to this exciting journey of 3 hours is also possible to try kayaking on the River.
To stay the best choice, good, beautiful and cheap is the inn Manapiare to offer 14 nice rooms with private bathroom and cold water, AC, cable TV and a restaurant.
The Gran Hotel Amazonas reopened after being rescued by a foundation of regional government that operates it. It has 60 rooms all with private bathrooms and hot water, cable TV and air conditioning. There is a very good restaurant and bar with pool.

Forest inside
In a hunting trip are Indian communities Piaroa Piapoco, Guajibo, jivi, curripaco, saliva and Panare.

In more populated areas visited, the only group that still uses traditional dress is the Panares. The men wear red loincloth diaper look like a yarn pompom on each side. However, in very remote sites, where the Indians have had minimal contact with outsiders, such as the Yanomami and Hotis, remain the same habits of centuries ago and both sexes are no more than a loincloth.

The best and safest way to meet the state's interior is through camps (reservations only) with provision of accommodation, food and rides (separate airlift if necessary.) The closest is Orinoquia Puerto Ayacucho, about 20 minutes south, along the Orinoco River. In addition to visits to places of interest like the slide of the Forest, Painted Rock, Natural Monument La Tortuga, offers shark trips to Caño a community to meet and Isla piaroa Garcita, Autana and Cocuy Stone.

For something different, it is possible to sail and live aboard two "floating hotels", Iguana (a Brazilian river boat with three levels and cabins) and Bongomarán (two bongos large with a central platform on top, thatched roof, bathroom and sleep early in hammocks). Plans include sport fishing expeditions Autana and a trip to the National Park Duida Marahuaca with Yapacana Tepuyes observation, Duida, Marahuaca and Guachamacare and visits to communities Piaroa curripaco, Ye'kwana, Maco, Guajibo, Baniva, Yanomami and yeral.

Two options accessible by private plane in the Upper Venturari are Camani and Junglavev. Camani has 13 churuatas, dining room and bar, swimming pool, tennis and soccer Boccia. There are walks for birding and other wildlife, fishing (besides cost) and larger shipments to agree.
Camani, all-inclusive stay, tours, meals y.
Churuatas Junglaven has six en suite, social room and emphasizes the observation of birds (it has an inventory of 453 species of birds in and around the camp) and visits to communities and Piaroa Ye'kwana.

The most luxurious is Manaka Jungle Lodge, near the junction of the Orinoco River Ventuari (accessible by charter flight.) Churuatas offers nine private bathroom with water customer and furniture finishes first, 24-hour electricity, cable TV room and bar. Is mainly engaged in fishing for peacock bass from January to May. When it is open season, offers eco-tourism plan that includes lodging, meals, drinks, sightseeing and fishing plans.


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Leopoldo Lopez on Venezuela's new president in 2012.

V er who is winning ...

Surveys indicate that in the absence of a year and a half for the elections in Venezuela, 25% of the population has decided to vote for President Hugo Chávez, who maintains a 50% popularity, while the remaining opponents have a combined intention 28% voting.
There are 25% who say they will vote for Chavez, the sum of all possible opposition candidate has 28% support and the undecideds are half of the country (...) and that's the battle of the presidential election.

However, the 28% support for opposition candidates have a problem and that, for now there is a single candidate but multiple candidates "does not mean that the opposition, Chavez is winning because the leaders of that faction are multiple" .

"Chávez undoubtedly remains a strong leader individually is without doubt the most important leader of the country, because it is the only thing that seems consistent, the opposition has not elected a single candidate, they have not agreed on who will represent. " Sowing the problem.

Chavez still holds a significant leadership at the national level, however, is much lower than in 2006, when he had a 75% acceptance.

"The approval rating of President Chávez varies around 50% and is relevant to a year and a half of elections" to start the change if it leads to things we do.

The only analysis that can be done at this time is indicated by the trend in Chavez's approval ratings from 2006 to 2010 "was negative."

One opposition leader who can get the support of the population, the former mayor Leopoldo Lopez Caracas municipality of Chacao.

"Leopoldo Lopez is on track, and that legal action against Leopoldo current government, which achievement was to strengthen and clear the way, this is actually very volatile."

Chávez recalled that "controls the institutions, mass media in the country, makes strings (radio and TV) when he wants and those are advantages."

The president's position also has its disadvantages, "Nearly six in ten Venezuelans believe that the country's situation is bad and evaluation of governance in important ways as the economy and insecurity are negative."

"When asked what feature people want in their candidate, replied that they want someone of high social commitment and responsibility, which guarantees peace and stability but to deal, above all, of the everyday problems of this population," reveals .

The Venezuelan electoral debate focused on the need to hand you the salary to buy food, "if the school in my neighborhood works or not, if there is water or electricity, if inflation is eating up my salary, if I can or not milk can have my own house etc ... "

We all know that the only real social and honest in our current government is Chavez, the rest are false sieguedores ascend to the fifth republic ..

History has proven that the same power has never worked long and Chavez holds the record as the only president in the new world with so much time in power.

Please we want your opinion here!

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Conviasa Canaima Caracas flights begin

Conviasa the airline Consorcio Venezolano de Industrias Aviation and Air Services, SA made connecting flights to Canaima - Angel Falls International Airport Simón Bolivar, with a stopover in Puerto Ordaz, Bolivar state. This initiative aims to increase the supply of tickets to the state of Bolivar and meet the needs of users.

This route will have a fee of $ 190 round trip Porlamar-Canaima, and $ 200 from Caracas, described a press release from the Ministry of Popular Power for Transport and Communication.

Likewise, this Friday, March 25 Conviasa start commercial operations Canaima, Bolivar State, Airport Santiago Mariño Porlamar, Nueva Esparta state.

In this regard, the president of Conviasa, Jesús Viñas García said that the opening of this destination offers users greater choice of service and facilities to meet a lower cost of major tourist sites in Venezuela.

This route will have a frequency of six flights per week departing from Santiago Marino Airport, at 8:30 am and return from Canaima Airport at 11:35 am, with stops in Puerto Ordaz. To Book!

Caracas and all travel related services in Gran Caracas...

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