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    Vacaciones en Margarita Isla Margarita ofrece la mejor atención personalizada y paquetes con todo incluido para venir a conocer nuestra maravillosa isla al lado de personal capacitado le brindaremos la oportunidad de llevarse lo mejor de...
    The Historical Center and Plaza Bolivar


    Over the centuries, pirates, disease and earthquakes prevented the development of Caracas. Then came the wars of independence, and just when Spanish rule ended in 1812, Caracas suffered the worst earthquake...
    Santa Elena


    The capital of La Gran Sabana and is the largest and most developed city in southern Bolivar. Santa Elena was founded in 1927 by Lucas Fernández Peña, but had to wait...
    Merida Los Nevados


    Coming to Los Nevados height of 2711 meters and the heart of Park Sierra Nevada. With 2 stops: one in Mosnanda, where we chicha corn, and delicious pastries...
    Caracas to sow
    From Caracas to the height of a ski resort, a celebration of the skyscrapers, statues, neon American cars and extends through the mountains. Since the discovery of oil in late 1920,...
    5 results - showing 1 - 5
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