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Welcome to Caracas and Venezuela's questions!
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What are the 5 five best hotels in Caracas!
Five of the best hotels in Caracas. The two most prestigious hotels in Venezuela are there, and three more that I think might take your fancy. A variety of places,...
How I can cancel the reservation?
Simply access your online account and press the bottom cancel, here you can also change the date or make a new reservation .... You can e -mail with the name of...
How many hotel rooms I can book together?
Caracas travel has 5 rooms available for booking system on this site daily, if the type of room is the same and available, please write to us if you need more room...
How many nights I can book together?
Any number of nights.
What should I do to check-in at the hotel?
Simply present your confirmation e-mail it to staff the front desk. Since the hotel already has your booking on record, the e-mail it is not essential, but may be useful as...
"I can book a room on the same day?
No, but usually the next day, it is obvious that is subject to confirmation and availability.
How many days before I can begin to make a reservation?
12 months in advance.
When is my reservation valid?
Immediately after receiving your booking request an email confirmation will be sent via e-mail with your online account, where your bill, here you can pay by credit card using PayPal. ...
How I can make a reservation?
Go to link: on our website choose a service, fill in the fields and click. Then you send an e-mail copy of the confirmation.
20 results - showing 1 - 10 1 2
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