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    How is the weather? How is the weather? Hot

    How is the weather?

    The temperature in Venezuela is determined primarily by elevation and other geographical factors and not by "season" as in the Northern Hemisphere. The only two seasons there are the dry season (December-April) and rainy (May-November) during the rainy season, most mornings are usually sunny or at least dry as the rains do not begin until the afternoon or during the night (normal).

    The temperature does not vary much during these seasons, and are usually the following: 70 ° C. In the Central region, 80 low, near the Caribbean, and 80 high in the southern lowlands. The coldest temperatures were recorded in Merida highest mountain is below 40 degrees F. The hottest months are around the country in May and August, while the best are December and January when there's a sharp contrast between day and night temperatures.

    The rainfall also varies in different regions, with the Atlantic coast is the wettest and the southern lowlands of being the driest. The average rainfall in the country is 100 mm per year, but dry as Margaret, who receive a low amount of rain.

    Welcome to the city with the best climate in the world!

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    How is the weather? 2012-12-25 04:19:05 jaime perez
    Content Photo (s) Author As a tourist destination! 
    Reviewed by jaime perez    December 25, 2012

    es verdad caracas tiene el mejor clima en el mundo


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