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Recreation Center Expansion Expanzoo Education for people with special needs, is an institution that was founded to give people with special needs the right mood for their integration into society, within the principles of competitiveness and productivity, to take them to be more independent .
The main function is directed to special education of people with mild and moderate mental retardation and Down syndrome, it is also a source of job training and work for the area, as hosts, limpiezageneral, labor supply and maintenance of plants .

As an integral part of your environment has a Zoo, which offers its services to the public and promotes the incorporation of young people with special needs, the different tasks performed in this area. Such as hosts, general cleanup and labor supply, thereby promoting social integration.

Among the activities developed by participants at the Zoo, one of the most important is the ability to interact with animals of different species. This is intended to achieve a deeper communication and reciprocity between the animal and the person with special needs, through the feeling of love.

The service also aims to provide funds for operation and maintenance of the institution, all with a view to fulfilling the concept of self.