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An exhibition and meeting space for all groups and creative professionals in the performing arts in Caracas.
A theater where the emphasis on creativity and self-management of the theater which is, in our view, the main engine of creation and research.
We respect the creative freedom, both process and outcome, the formal creation in challenging convention and finding new interpretive languages.
Since its appearance in the theater scene at the end of 2001, the Trasnocho Theatre has established itself as art exhibition space, and has developed and carries out other activities related to training, social action, professional improvement and adaptation to changing social and economic realities that come with the concept of public service.
The Theatre Trasnocho prevents their attachment to a particular aesthetic always opting for the plurality and opening the doors to all those theatrical phenomena professionals looking for a place to manifest itself so the public could have wide access to the range of performing tendencies.
Combine this variety with our spatial adaptability supported on a mobile stage and bleachers that are attached to all kinds of shows and events, making the Trasnocho Theatre in a unique place in Caracas.