atraccionescaracasEl ocio y la diversión no pueden faltar en una ciudad como Caracas. Disfrutar de un día con los amigos en esta ciudad, es algo fácil. Desde Caracas Travel, te presento las mejores atracciones de Caracas, para que no falte nada en tu día cuando visita Caracas.
Estos son las mejores atracciones de Caracas. Puedes pasar un día de diversión en cualquiera de ellos.

En esta página describimos cinco atracciones turísticas famosas en Caracas te mostramos fotos para que tengas una idea de lo que puedes encontrar en tu visita a Caracas. Hemos visitado cada atracción y proporcionó información en relación con cada experiencia.

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Recreation Center Expansion Expanzoo Education for people with special needs, is an institution that was founded to give people with special needs the right mood for their integration into society, within the principles of competitiveness and productivity, to take them to be more independent .
The main function is directed to special education of people with mild and moderate mental retardation and Down syndrome, it is also a source of job training and work for the area, as hosts, limpiezageneral, labor supply and maintenance of plants .

As an integral part of your environment has a Zoo, which offers its services to the public and promotes the incorporation of young people with special needs, the different tasks performed in this area. Such as hosts, general cleanup and labor supply, thereby promoting social integration.

Among the activities developed by participants at the Zoo, one of the most important is the ability to interact with animals of different species. This is intended to achieve a deeper communication and reciprocity between the animal and the person with special needs, through the feeling of love.

The service also aims to provide funds for operation and maintenance of the institution, all with a view to fulfilling the concept of self.

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Dedicated to the dissemination and conservation of Venezuelan art of all time with a collection of over 4000 works of art. It has a permanent collection consists of more than 6,000 works in Venezuela, covering four centuries of history and a lot of artistic movements. The pre-Hispanic period, the portrait of the colonial period, representatives of academic painting of the nineteenth century, members of the Círculo de Bellas Artes, the abstraction, and a lot of contemporary artists are part of this vast collection. The gallery has eleven exhibition halls and an inner courtyard, where live several sculptures of great value and interest. Also has a Cabinet of Drawings, Prints and Photographs showing a large collection of works on paper.

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Altamira Suites Hotel has an Executive Service, created for business and meetings. It has four private meeting rooms and two events, conventions and banquets. We also have large and beautiful areas for social events. The Executive Service is equipped with all necessary office equipment for presentations, and bilingual assistants and the Internet, among many other benefits.

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Tuesday through Saturday the hardest SALSERA RUMBA of the city have spaces in the SO MANI Sabana Grande ..


Another historical rumba at the Temple de la Salsa.
B cover band for 15 and we give you the first beer or a drink. OFFER EVERY TUESDAY: 2 beers = B 15 = 1 drink (rum, gin, vodka, anise,) all at 15!
SALSA CASINO + FREE BAR IN THE MANI + \ "THE popsicles \" VodkaGlacialFrozen


The Mani is So and the Academy are scenes are pleased to invite you to enjoy, dance and drink as much as you can every Wednesday with the best party chacinera of Caracas.
General Admission Bs 40, OPEN BAR from 8pm to 12m.
Cuban special guest selector DJ Nesma DELGADO (confirmed) with the best and the latest in gambling, which will keep you dancing all night.
³ expanded space for dancing and the rumba is till 3am
You can park in front of the premises. Internal security guaranteed.


How many have seen a barrage of salsa dura with Warura? Only DISCHARGE THURSDAY El Mani is.
It's been saying ... Do not say you were not warned.
Always reach musician friends who encourage and participate in the downloader, friends of The Sopranos, The Satellites, Assembly Street, Orlando Watussi, Frank Márquez, Marcial Isturiz, Punky Burguillos Ernesto, Rafael Quintero, the Castillo and Felix Hyndira sonera \ "Chacaito \" Suarez, Victor Cuica, among others.

FRIDAY SALSA PURA Y DURA, with Herman, Nell and Koymbre ..

Have 18 years playing in the temple of the sauce. With its forcefulness and experience on our platform brings a tremendous repertoire of salsa for quia indisputably demonstrated by the hard-Friday from The Peanuts.
The hope this and every Friday with the best selection of hard salsa by the Chinese Caracas Dj.
You can park in front of the premises. Internal security guaranteed.
Every time I touch no one can be granted.
This Saturday May 15th, we are pleased to present another of the bands arising from the scene of the Mani is So Charles and his orchestra Pielero TA 'cool.
A powerhouse of musicians, all top notch, led by Carlos pielero sonero who is accompanied on vocals with none other than Wiwi Buznego.