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As part of the human resource training, Venezolana de Turismo (Venetur) will open a pilot training and upgrading of personnel working in facilities Venetur Hotel Intercontinental Guayana, Bolívar State.

This center is under the responsibility of the Permanent Program for Development of Abilities and Skills of Hospitality (Prodah), founded by a group of teachers and experts from the Universidad de Oriente (UDO), the National Training Institute

Socialist Education (Inces) and Mara Inn chain and Eurobuilding.

In this regard, the chairman of the Joint Fund of Tourism of Bolivar, Ricardo Aquino, said the first course will begin on Thursday 12 and will target Venetur personnel serving in the state of Bolivar, in order to improve their skills in care and treatment of domestic and foreign tourists who attend year after year. "

The programmatic content of the course covers three subjects: Human Relations and Customer Service Quality Management for Tourism Services and Room Service. "Afterwards, participants may choose to take the first Diploma in Hospitality Sciences in the country," added the official.

Aquino also stated that this initiative has been endorsed by the People's Minister for Tourism, Pedro Morejon, "he stated on several occasions the need to improve training of staff to Venetur, in the process of relaunching the tourism in the country. "

The Hotel School Venetur Guyana is the first in the country will open its doors to the Academy, according to initiate a month-long pilot in its introductory phase, which includes 84 academic hours spread over part time.

Worth noting that during the past four years the state of Bolivar has been a growth of 800% in the number of visitors, with over 850 000 domestic and foreign tourists attended in 2008, so how are you training to strengthen sector. Press Venetur