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In the interest of strategic alliances between the tourism portfolio and Venezuelan airlines, the Ministry of Popular Power for Tourism (Mintur), held a working meeting with the Venezuelan Consortium Aircraft Industries and Air Services (Conviasa).

The purpose of the meeting was based strengthen the performance of air transport, driving from the ministerial entity reviving the route Caracas-Buenos Aires-Caracas, resuming with daily commuting, for this does not only activate the frequent flyer programs, but also increase the inbound tourism and The hotel occupation of the country.

The meeting, attended by the president of the National Institute of Tourism (Inatur), Zaida Carrillo and Alberto Mendoza, Conviasa representative, who emphasized the importance of strengthening the potential of aviation workers, according to which fulfill core functions, the provision customer service, the appearance of the crew as well as the need to restore the membership of the System Saber, one of the world's leading management and booking air tickets.

Conviasa representatives said they will negotiate with Aerolineas Argentinas codeshare implementation, which is only co-market a particular journey, ensuring greater security in terms of product quality that passengers receive.

Also into issues of interest about the benefits of making this action in the tourism sector, such as entry of Argentine citizens to the nation, which in turn would affect the contribution of Venezuela's economic indicators.

It is anticipated that before year's end, the route Caracas-Buenos Aires-Caracas, is turned completely and also assessing the coordination of itineraries to Tenerife, Frankfurt and Rome, to name a few destinations.