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Commenting on the bilateral cooperation agreement signed between the British Embassy in Venezuela and the Civil Association for Conservation of National Parks (Bioparques) this Thursday July 30 was presented to a group of officials from the Ministry of Popular Power for Tourism (Mintur), an environmental project called "Democratizing information from protected areas to promote ecotourism in Venezuela.

This project aims to unite the efforts of several institutions in order to meet the threats of protected areas throughout the country. One such threat is the uncontrolled tourism and the lack of information available to users on how to help conserve protected areas and their importance, and part of the Cooperation Fund for the British Embassy in Caracas, by way of funding.
That is why this joint commission aims to promote ecotourism by creating a Web site that includes information on national parks and natural monuments of Venezuela, in an interactive with the user through maps, visitor registration and downloading documents.

In this regard, the commission managed to demonstrate their interest in broadening the spectrum of activity and environmental disclosure, using the national competition in tourism Mintur who runs through their areas of interest.
Among the project activities are planned a pilot workshop in the state of Nueva Esparta, where ecotourism should be an alternative to mass tourism because it is an island with fragile ecosystems threatened to help spread the use of the website as a fundamental tool consultation.
Mintur Meanwhile, protected by the legal framework that empowers him on eco-tourism, in Article 46 of Decree with Rank, Value and Force of Organic Law of Tourism (LOT), will contribute to this environmental project, turning guidelines, through the Combined Fund Nueva Esparta tourism, especially to take two of the areas of interest which holds: El Yaque beach and water.
It Mintur reaffirms its readiness to continue to demand throughout the country, that each service provider complies with the provisions of the LOT in its article 87, according to which one must respect, protect and conserve the environment and comply with regulations heritage protection and cultural and lifestyle of the population.

The meeting ended with a nice compromise between the parties and with firm conviction democratize environmental care in every corner of the Venezuelan territory.
The committee will reconvene in mid-August to assess progress in emerging eco-tourism for sustainable development of this economic activity, thus ensuring better quality of life of Venezuelans.