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Image In order to encourage tourism to the revival of social plans, officials from the Ministry of Popular Power for Tourism (Mintur) together with its local affiliated National Institute of Tourism Promotion and Training (Inatur) and Venezolana de Turismo (Venetur) Alliance held a meeting with representatives of the Simon Center
Bolivar and the Hotel Alba Caracas.

The activity was in the Salon Rouge of the Hotel Alba Caracas, where he attended the Tourism Minister, Pedro Morejon, Chairman of Centro Simón Bolívar, Eustacio Aguilera, the president of Inatur, Zaida Carrillo and general manager Venetur; Orbelian Pereira , among other representatives of both institutions.

In this regard, it established a series of agreements to promote tourism, including joint training through Inatur, the marketing of Hotel Alba Caracas Venetur through the State as a hotel chain and the promotion of tour packages and vacation plans at low prices with financing capacity for the public sector.

The president of Inatur said these actions were performed in accordance with policies established by the state tourism through Mintur. Similarly to the development said these activities were established working groups with representatives of the Hotel Alba Caracas Mintur, with the aim of establishing strategic alliances relating to the promotion and marketing of tourism.

"The meeting touched on two fundamental points, one referring to the training and the other has to do with the preparation of packages to promote the city of Caracas as a tourist attraction throughout the national territory," he said Zaida Carrillo.

He stressed that all these actions are part of social tourism project that implements the Mintur. "We are working with vacation plans to benefit the whole community, especially to all government employees and their families this holiday season," said Carrillo.

Also Venetur general manager, Orbelian Pereira stressed that these activities are important because they allow strength in tourism. "Currently there is a project of the creation of a training school in hospitality, which goes hand in hand with the national training plan undertaken by Inatur," said Pereira.

He also said that the incorporation of Hotel Alba Caracas hotel Venetur network will serve to strengthen both institutions in tourism.

Meanwhile Eustacio Aguilera, president of Centro Simón Bolívar, emphasized that "these meetings are very important to encourage the tourist service as part of the national tourism strategy, part of the global market philosophy. This is an important step treatment in tourism, because we can provide better service. " (Press Mintur / Normelys Muñoz)