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The solution for travel management and collaboration leader in the world, announced the results of the eleventh annual survey of corporate Benchmark. The study reveals that while business travel is increasing, companies still focus on reducing travel costs.

Although during the years has showed signs of recovery for corporate travel programs, according to the results of this survey industry should see further increases. The study reveals that 61 percent of respondents expect this year to increase its travel budget to 10 percent, while a third predicted 5 percent. Specifically in Latin America estimates a 37 percent increase in budgets for travel, a significant increase in demand compared to before. Thus the companies driving the reduction of travel costs, achieve higher adoption rates in online travel bookings through tools like Explorepartners.


Although the economy is recovering and recorded increases business, corporations put into practice the lessons learned during the recession to cut costs in their travel programs," said Henrik Linde, Director for Latin America for Explorepartners. "The rate of online adoption average reported by Explorepartners customers in Latin America was 67 percent. Overall, the Explorepartners online adoption reported was 78 percent and remains above the 51 percent industry average, "he said.

As a direct result of the increasing adoption of online corporate travel, study participants reported the following average savings:

70% in travel agency fees
18% on airfare domestic and international 24%
12% domestic hotel rates and 31% in international
Car rental these savings were 4% for vacation home and 18% in international

"This survey shows that Explorepartners is fulfilling its commitment to help corporations and business travel management (TMC's) who assist them, to generate savings through an adoption rate of online increasing, with key capabilities such as" messages dynamic "and an efficient user interface," said Linde.

Corporations included in Supplementary Fees Travel Policy

In 2011, with additional charges for airlines incorporated, the greater the number of companies that include additional fees on their travel policies. In general, these companies reimburse travelers to charge for your first piece of checked baggage. However, the survey shows a 16 percent drop in cases of reimbursement to travelers for a second piece of luggage. The number of companies that assume the cost of food and drinks on board, and wireless Internet, increased 13 percent and 20 percent respectively.

"The additional fees are here to stay and travel companies develop effective policies against these fees to maximize their travel budgets and meet the needs of employees while traveling. The wireless Internet (Wi-Fi) available on flights is clearly perceived by the Corporate Travel Managers a valuable productivity tool, "said Silva.

Mobile use increases to meet the needs of travelers

As corporations seek new technologies and methods to save time and money, mobile devices gain invaluable travel programs. The use of these devices continues to grow within the travel industry, for the second consecutive year, respondents rate access to flight information as the most important feature of a mobile solution, followed by the ease of flight reservations and hotels.

The survey Explorepartners corporate travel due to annual monitoring patterns of business within a group of leading corporations that currently use Explorepartners. Explorepartners's customers include Fortune 200 companies stand out sites that use online travel booking. In all segments of customers, Explorepartners generates about 9 billion dollars a year in business.

Methodology of this survey
Survey Reference Corporate Travel is based on interviews with 60 leading companies and organizations that currently use Explorepartners. These benchmarks provide a snapshot of trends, saving and making techniques online travel currently using the world's leading companies. The report also includes a breakdown of referral industries and regions, as well as results for small and medium enterprises. All results are based on data reported by travel travel departments of each corporation. The executive summary of these results is available at

About Channel Community Management
Channel Community Management is the world leader in providing solutions for business collaboration and online, enabling transactions per year for $ 9 billion dollars in business expenses. Channel Community Managements proven technology and unparalleled global service infrastructure, help corporations to save on expenses set of flights, hotel, rental cars and trains. Explorepartners provides online booking experience easy to use and adherence to travel policies for passengers and tour companies in more than a thousand companies in over 85 countries, which include Fortune 200 multinational firms employing reservations online. Explorepartners works with most major global distribution systems (GDS). Companies using Explorepartners and the Sabre GDS together can optimize efficiency and cost savings further along the process of quoting and purchasing travel. For more information visit