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Image In order to encourage tourism to the revival of social plans, officials from the Ministry of Popular Power for Tourism (Mintur) together with its local affiliated National Institute of Tourism Promotion and Training (Inatur) and Venezolana de Turismo (Venetur) Alliance held a meeting with representatives of the Simon Center
Bolivar and the Hotel Alba Caracas.

The activity was in the Salon Rouge of the Hotel Alba Caracas, where he attended the Tourism Minister, Pedro Morejon, Chairman of Centro Simón Bolívar, Eustacio Aguilera, the president of Inatur, Zaida Carrillo and general manager Venetur; Orbelian Pereira , among other representatives of both institutions.

In this regard, it established a series of agreements to promote tourism, including joint training through Inatur, the marketing of Hotel Alba Caracas Venetur through the State as a hotel chain and the promotion of tour packages and vacation plans at low prices with financing capacity for the public sector.

The president of Inatur said these actions were performed in accordance with policies established by the state tourism through Mintur. Similarly to the development said these activities were established working groups with representatives of the Hotel Alba Caracas Mintur, with the aim of establishing strategic alliances relating to the promotion and marketing of tourism.

"The meeting touched on two fundamental points, one referring to the training and the other has to do with the preparation of packages to promote the city of Caracas as a tourist attraction throughout the national territory," he said Zaida Carrillo.

He stressed that all these actions are part of social tourism project that implements the Mintur. "We are working with vacation plans to benefit the whole community, especially to all government employees and their families this holiday season," said Carrillo.

Also Venetur general manager, Orbelian Pereira stressed that these activities are important because they allow strength in tourism. "Currently there is a project of the creation of a training school in hospitality, which goes hand in hand with the national training plan undertaken by Inatur," said Pereira.

He also said that the incorporation of Hotel Alba Caracas hotel Venetur network will serve to strengthen both institutions in tourism.

Meanwhile Eustacio Aguilera, president of Centro Simón Bolívar, emphasized that "these meetings are very important to encourage the tourist service as part of the national tourism strategy, part of the global market philosophy. This is an important step treatment in tourism, because we can provide better service. " (Press Mintur / Normelys Muñoz)

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The solution for travel management and collaboration leader in the world, announced the results of the eleventh annual survey of corporate Benchmark. The study reveals that while business travel is increasing, companies still focus on reducing travel costs.

Although during the years has showed signs of recovery for corporate travel programs, according to the results of this survey industry should see further increases. The study reveals that 61 percent of respondents expect this year to increase its travel budget to 10 percent, while a third predicted 5 percent. Specifically in Latin America estimates a 37 percent increase in budgets for travel, a significant increase in demand compared to before. Thus the companies driving the reduction of travel costs, achieve higher adoption rates in online travel bookings through tools like Explorepartners.

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In the interest of strategic alliances between the tourism portfolio and Venezuelan airlines, the Ministry of Popular Power for Tourism (Mintur), held a working meeting with the Venezuelan Consortium Aircraft Industries and Air Services (Conviasa).

The purpose of the meeting was based strengthen the performance of air transport, driving from the ministerial entity reviving the route Caracas-Buenos Aires-Caracas, resuming with daily commuting, for this does not only activate the frequent flyer programs, but also increase the inbound tourism and The hotel occupation of the country.

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Commenting on the bilateral cooperation agreement signed between the British Embassy in Venezuela and the Civil Association for Conservation of National Parks (Bioparques) this Thursday July 30 was presented to a group of officials from the Ministry of Popular Power for Tourism (Mintur), an environmental project called "Democratizing information from protected areas to promote ecotourism in Venezuela.

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The Ministry of Popular Power for Tourism (Tourism Ministry), through the National Institute of Tourism (Inatur) held a day of awareness in the area aimed at 25 professors representing 14 addresses under the Ministry of Popular Power for Education (MPPE), responsible for structuring the content in tourism that will

included in the proposed new curriculum design Bolivarian Educational System.

The meeting included the formal presentation of the aspects of tourism proposed by Inatur to be incorporated into the curriculum, such as: knowledge of basic terminology in the area, the identification and assessment of the environment, local and national history, natural heritage and cultural importance management of various languages, environmental conservation, assessment of tourism through awareness of their social, cultural and economic, among many others that cover the training from preschool through high school. Similarly, during the activity were set up working groups made up of representatives of Inatur, the MPPE, the Ministry of Higher Education (MES), the National Federation of Hotels Venezuela (FENAHOVEN), the College Hotel School of the Andes Venezuelan (CUHELAV), the Venezuelan Association of Travel & Tourism (Avavit), the Universidad Nacional Experimental Politécnica Bolivarian Armed Force (UNEFA), the National Socialist Education and Training (INCES) and Caracas University College (CUC) , who will be working together to discuss and outline of their powers, the contents to be included in the new curriculum.

Nora Alvarado, a representative of the Department of Curriculum Planning attached to the Directorate General of Curriculum MPPE said to be pleased with this initiative which it considers will strengthen the construction of the tourist culture demanded by Venezuelans. "The Ministry of Popular Power for Education, we are convinced that this is a key point for the development of the country and this is only possible if there is any training in the education of citizens, capable of promoting the culture of seeing the country as host of others who know our natural beauty, what we are, our character, because tourism is culture. " (Press Inatur / María Prado)

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