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Most ATMs will ask the last two local identification numbers, so the card can not retreat with foreigners. Citibank ATMs do not ask for this information. There is a Citibank branch in El Recreo mall, Avenida Casanova, Sabana Grande.

Sambil Mall. One of the shopping centers of South America's largest shopping, two cinemas, restaurants and probably dozens of stores. Popular destination for shopping and leave. Metro Chacao.
Altamira. An upscale neighborhood and shopping district in the eastern part of the city. Is easily accessible by subway.
San Ignacio Mall. Many boutique shops here, and plenty of good bars and restaurants. A center for nightlife in Caracas.
Centro Comercial El Recreo. Another large shopping center, located next to the Hotel Gran Meliá. Metro de Sabana Grande.
Centro Comercial Ciudad Tamanaco (CCCT). An old but very popular complex of shops, offices, restaurants and a couple of nightclubs. Take a Metrobus Altamira metro station.
Centro Comercial El Toulon. A luxury mall in the neighborhood of Las Mercedes. 15 minutes walk from the metro Chacaito.
Centro Comercial Paseo Las Mercedes. A little old fashioned, but a good arthouse cinema and Oscar D'Leon's Mazukamba club is here.