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Image To ensure the development of programs to promote tourism in Venezuela, the Ministry of Popular Power for Tourism (Mintur) held on Monday May 11 the first special meeting with representatives of national and international airlines.

Previously, he held a meeting with the owner of Mintur, Pedro Morejon

who expressed the need "to do this kind of meetings for the promotion of tourism, because airlines are vital for the development of a good tourism". Morejon also reports that one of the goals is to ensure that the natural beauty of Venezuela are part of "at least three of the seven wonders of the world."

Mintur Representatives of the National Civil Aviation Institute (INAC) and representatives of associations of airlines and air chambers, attended the meeting and discussed topics for the strengthening of tourism as an economic sector of the country and also raised needs and some projects may be considered to provide superior service and enhance tourism development in the country.

In this regard, Deputy Minister of Tourism Quality Services, Maria Auxiliadora Belisario, reported that it created a link between the deputy minister and representatives of airlines, in order to respond to their proposals and needs. "We will work with all institutions involved, making technical working to discuss possible solutions."

Humberto Figuera Meanwhile, chief executive of the Venezuelan Airlines Association (Alava), said "today's meeting surpassed our expectations, because I think very important initiative of the minister as to the capacity for dialogue between the Government and institutions and especially the willingness to meet the needs that may arise. "

Also William Bracho, executive director of the Venezuelan Chamber of Air Transport Company, said they were committed to the development of tourism and welcome the initiative of Minister Pedro Morejon working on integration with all institutions to ensure the promotion of Venezuela as a destination tourism. (Press Mintur / Normelys Muñoz)