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La Guía de es una referencia de restaurantes, hoteles, rutas turísticas y rutas con denominación de origen. Pero también lo es en lo que se refiere a la clasificación de los mejores restaurantes; valorados con el criterio que armonicen con la comida y, por tanto, el cliente elige un restaurante desde el trabajo o su casa, selecciona el mejor restaurante más adecuado para su menú, evento, sorpresa, ocasiones especiales y más conveniente en relación calidad y precio.
La Guía de, tanto la de mapas y restaurantes como la de Cafés y Bares de la Ciudad y la de denominaciones de Origen, tiene unos 300.000 visitantes al año y la página corporativa de tiene un millón de visitantes unitarios al mes y más de 12 millones de páginas vistas al año.
Lo más utilizado son los mapas para organizar los viajes, después los hoteles y los restaurantes y, por último, los Cafés y Bares, aunque sigue siendo una de las más consultadas es la edición de la Guía de los Mejores restaurantes, Bares, Cafés y Clubes nocturnos en Caracas.

Authentic Korean food with meat, pork and seafood cooked in the middle of the table. Among the passengers is the Kimchi (a spicy sour cabbage), watercress and tortilla. Beer is the recommendation to drink with this meal you have choices and a half not spicy hot.
The best plan is to discover that a Korean family's dining room opens her home to share the flavors of this country with good taste. A new experience in Caracas and 100% authentic Korea.

A bakery. Local is not very big on the inside, dedicated to the sale of products while the outdoor terrace provides a casual diner with a small but select list of options. Their sandwiches are famous for the various combinations of ingredients and generous portions.

At the level of Blandin Centro Comercial San Ignacio, in the most bustling and parrandera overlooking the avenue. The advantage is that in the afternoons she turns on the outdoor terrace that gives life to ending the night. Proposals for Spanish and Italian cuisine with creative touches and inspired by the humor of its author, Aurki Brabo, business man with experience in this type of battle. " Food, drink and people passing to and fro.

Located in a strategic corner in front of the Altamira Altamira Suites Hotel. The aroma of freshly baked bread permeates the air, so there is no doubt that there is. But also there is a selection of delicacies and a cafe where, from breakfast to dinner, a hot meal is to satisfy your appetite in a noisy and crowded environment. You can serve yourself and sit at the table, or order and wait for a ride. In addition to the own bakeries, excellent rye bread, farmers, multigrain, etc.., Fifty varieties of dishes to soups and pasta complement the menu. Informality and good flavor in a troubled world and hardworking.

Pleasant and interesting family home full of memories and personal items to make you feel one among friends, the old, with a very well done where everything is in its right place. Two floors with different environments make the scene: a small fine and bake sale to fund small-scale preparations, a small bar with couches for those to rise no more, a large room with a furnace at the bottom and then on the second floor, a very nice terrace at night. Simple modern Mediterranean cuisine with homemade appetizers and a scrumptious focaccia. Pastas and risottos and dishes of the day, the creation of chef Paul Lanois. Also thin-crust pizzas topped off with fine products and creative combinations. The wine is served in rustic vessels and the tables do not have tablecloths, is a bistro! With desserts, creating Rondón Florence, is difficult to decide which is best, all are great. This Old house has nothing, is still in fashion.