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Avenida La Playa, urbanización Alamo, Macuto, Vargas, 1160, Venezuela

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Hotel Santiago, 3 star Hotel in front of the beach with local traditions, Hotel Santiago has a beautiful view over the sea and the restaurant is fantastic. Only 20 minutes from the international airport. Hotel Santiago begins a new history when in 1973 it is acquired by the current owners, who preserved their colonial facade, which simulates the house of the governor of Caracas in the year 1920. What makes the establishment a cozy, historic and contemporary molded to the good service that its three stars represent.
The Hotel has rooms designed and selected according to your needs, a 24-hour service that is available to meet your expectations and keep the good attention we have as a goal to provide.
The hotel offers services adapted to the needs of our customers. In the Reception Area you will find the Wi-Fi zone, meeting room, complimentary coffee (5-7am), luggage room, fax service, wake-up service and parking.
The rooms, in addition to comfort, have cable TV, private bathroom, air conditioning and their respective beds according to the client´s preference, they can be Matrimonial, double, triple, family Junior Suite and Presidential Suite.
• Parking
• Bar / Restaurant
• Pool / Children Pool
• Movistar / Movilnet / Digitel Signal
• Internet (Lobby)
• TV room
• Bathroom / hot water
• Air Conditioning
• Cable TV
• Daily cleaning

Rm types

Matrimonial 2 pers.
Triple 3 Pers.
Famliar Suite
D/B with Jacuzzi



Food & Drink



Media & Technology



General & Area activities

Deep Sea Fishing - Marlin and Dorado all year. Nightlife nearby!

In 2001, the Tasca - Restaurant was re - inaugurated, a remodeling inspired by the coastal area and simulating the waves of the sea who, in turn, form caves in the roof, with the presence of murals that highlight places on the island El Hierro in the Islands. Canary Islands. Doing honor to the origin of their owners.
Outstanding gastronomy, family atmosphere and quality services are some of the attributes of the Tasca - Restaurant, which with the passing of time has become the meeting point to share, in addition its large rooms are comfortably conditioned to the activities that they wish perform, celebrations or meetings. In the same way, the enjoyment is constant with live music every day and maximum security.
In our Restaurant you can enjoy Cuban specialties, international food, Seafood and other tastings. Comfortable rooms with air conditioning and bar Show where you can enjoy live music from 6:30 pm to 11:30 pm, every day.
Garoe Room: Conditioning for events such as communions, baptisms, civil marriages, etc. Meals can be buffet or silver according to your preference, has a capacity for 40 people, totally private in the restaurant area.
Benito Pérez Galdos Room: Designed with a natural environment very characteristic of the area, comfort and comfort for any corporate or private event with a capacity for 60 people.
Among the recreational areas we have the pool overlooking the sea and the Avila with large sun terrace, sun loungers, chairs, showers and tables. In this space, you can enjoy lunches or dinners for your special moments.

Tourism - State. Vargas
It is located in the North Central Coast Region of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, just 45 minutes from Caracas, Capital of Venezuela. It is limited by the North with the Caribbean Sea, to the South with the Metropolitan District, to the East with the Miranda State and to the West with the Aragua State.
With an area of ​​1,496.5 km, it has a geographical landscape consisting of a narrow strip of land. It is constituted with a Municipality of the same name, its capital is La Guaira and is divided into eleven parishes from east to west: Caruao, Naiguatá, Caraballeda, Macuto, La Guaira, Maiquetia, Carlos Soublette, Urimare, Catia la Mar, Carayaca and El Junko.
Its main economic activity has traditionally revolved around port and airport activities (Maiquetía Simón Bolívar International Airport, the most important in the country). In addition to these primary activities, the intense investment in Desarrollos Inmobiliarios has generated a considerable supply in residential areas, social clubs, shopping centers, discotheques, hotels, spas, restaurants and other recreational facilities such as: important beaches, rivers, adventure tourism, creating This important area is a tourist attraction that, together with its proximity to the city of Caracas, constitutes a natural area for the relief and recreation of its population.

Check in - Check out times

1:00 PM (13:00)

Driving directions

Avenida La Playa, Urbanización Alamo. Macuto, a 20 minutos del aeropuerto y a 40 de Caracas.

The Santiago hotel is located in a privileged area where the nature, tranquility and charm of its surroundings are the main tourist attraction of the Macuto Parish.
Located 20 minutes from the International Airport of Maiquetia "SimonBolivar" and 45 minutes from the City of Caracas.


10 minutes from Maiquetía International Airport

Other transport

Por avion: tome un vuelo hasta Maiquetia, y de alli un taxi hasta Macuto

Desde Caracas: viaje en transporte publico hasta Macuto

Ofrecen servicio de taxis para el aeropuerto, zonas del estado Vargas y area Metropolitana de Caracas

Policies & disclaimers

Para garantizar su reservación debe usar nuestra systema aqui para reservar o comunicarse con el departamento de reservaciones para verificar la disponibilidad y garantizar la primera noche a través de deposito bancario, el cual debe ser enviado por e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. con los datos del localizador nombre del huésped y fecha de entrada y salida. De igual manera puede venir personalmente al departamento de reservaciones a realizar el pago en efectivo o tarjeta de crédito o debito. le informamos que las reservas deben garantizarse antes de las 6 de la tarde de la fecha de entrada al hotel, de lo contrario, la reserva quedara sin efecto.

1. Responsibilidades: asume la responsabilidad de los contratos y acuerdos celebrados con sus clientes en el suministro de todos nuestros servicios usando correros electronicos y/o reservaciones en linea.
Del mismo modo que declina toda responsabilidad por las guerras, huelgas, retrasos, incendios, accidentes y sus consecuencias, las epidemias, la destrucción de la maquinaria, los actos de gobierno, los robos, saqueos o cualquier otra causa ajena a la empresa, así como los accidentes sufridos por subcontratación los servicios o los retrasos en los vuelos y las transferencias de las líneas aéreas comerciales. La empresa no sea responsable por las consecuencias derivadas del consumo o posesión de drogas o sustancias estupefacientes en nuestros programas y servicios


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3. La reintegración por la cancelación por parte de los turistas: El ochenta por ciento (80%) 30 días antes de la fecha de inicio de los servicios. Los setenta y cinco por cientos (75%) 15 días antes de la fecha de inicio de los servicios. El cincuenta por ciento (50%) hasta una semana antes del inicio de los servicios. El veinticinco por ciento (25%) hasta 72 horas antes del comienzo del servicio no habrá reembolso entre las 72 horas y el inicio del servicio.


4. No habrá reembolso: en caso de no presentarse, los documentos de viaje inadecuados, el abandono de la gira en cualquiera de sus momentos o los servicios de no uso voluntariamente por el viajero. En caso de lluvia o mal tiempo o cualquier otra razón de fuerza mayor que puedan poner en peligro la seguridad del turista, la compañía se reserva el derecho de modificar el programa, sin que el turista tiene derecho a reclamar o indemnification


5. Reclamos: Todas las reclamaciones se tiene que ser dirigido por escrito a nuestras oficinas, dentro de las cuarenta y ocho (48) horas siguientes a la conclusión de los servicios.


6. Toda las condiciones de contratación de los servicios se consideran aceptadas por medio de:


1) la ejecución del pago de los servicios contratados con anterioridad al inicio del servicio.


2) la aceptación de los vales de los servicios que se extienden a los clientes por correo electrónico, por fax o por cualquier otro mecanismo.


3) el uso de cualquier parte de los servicios contratados.

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Tariff D/B with Jacuzzi 1 4 Sunday, 10 December 2017 Friday, 10 December 2027 44€   Per night 1 365
Tariff Suite 1 4 Sunday, 10 December 2017 Friday, 10 December 2027 53€   Per night 1 365
Tariff Famliar Suite 1 8 Sunday, 10 December 2017 Friday, 10 December 2027 53€   Per night 1 365
Tariff Triple 3 Pers. 1 12 Sunday, 10 December 2017 Friday, 10 December 2027 35€   Per night 1 365
Tariff Matrimonial 2 pers. 1 28 Sunday, 10 December 2017 Friday, 10 December 2027 31€   Per night 1 365
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