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Caracas, May 07 ABN.- “We are in a battle to shield Venezuela in electricity matters and we will do it,” expressed the president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez.

In this connection, President Chavez expressed that the Bolivarian Government is carrying out a series of projects that will lead Venezuela to the industrial, technological, economic and social development.

“We are expediting the installation of small, medium-sized and big thermoelectric plants, as well as the substitution of lines, substations; besides, there are being installed thousands of transformers nationwide,” he said about the policies carried out in electricity matters to guarantee a complete access to such essential service.

Regarding the situation of the main dam of the country, which produces 70% of the overall electricity consumed in the country, President Chavez expressed that the uncontrolled fall on the dam's water levels has stopped thanks to rains.

“The Guri Dam rises and falls. One day it rises two centimeters, the other day it falls three. Today, it fell five centimeters. But the most important thing is that the terrible fall was stopped, through which it was falling 15 centimeters day-to-day and put us close to a level of probable collapse,” he commented.

Rains are just beginning. The Orinoco River rose 25 centimeters; it is to say, it was firstly stopped the fall and then starts the recuperation process. This is not to celebrate victory neither to start wasting again. We have to continue saving,” President Chavez added.

About the matter, he emphasized that it is necessary that the collectivity maintains the measures to save energy, in order to guarantee stability in the national electrical system and so contribute to eliminate energy waste, since it is crucial for the development of the nation.