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Caracas, May 26. ABN.- The Government of Italy wants to contribute with great development projects in Venezuela. Indeed, there is a spirit of co-participation and understanding, ratified this Wednesday the Italian Vice-Minister for Latin America and the Caribbean Vicenzo Scotti.

The statements were made during the inauguration of the Second Italian-Venezuelan Meeting for Economic Cooperation and Development, in Caracas.

Scotti said that Italy is interested in evaluating, jointly with Venezuela, new formulas and methods to finance long-term projects, focused on one of the largest resources of Venezuela: oil.

“Italy wants to keep contributing with Venezuela's development and we also want Venezuela's contribution to help us with our development. This is a relation of equals, of mutual respect and, most of all, friendship between the two countries,” he underscored.

Furthermore, he confirmed the will of Italy's Government to looking for solutions through the international banking system to proceed with long-term payments for significant projects.

In addition, he expressed Italy's will to work on industrial and technology cooperation through technology transfer.

Likewise, Italy showed great interest in contributing on education and health. Scotti explained that since 1978 Italy has a public health system for the entire population, no matter people's economic conditions.

“To us, there are citizen's goods and rights that must be respected,” he said.

Finally, he commented that Italy is also determined in contributing with the security area, specifically in the fight against drug trafficking.