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Caracas, Jun 06. ABN.- “Fedecamaras and Consecomercio [the two main private businesspeople federations in Venezuela] are carrying out an ideological war to make people believe that Chavez wants finish with the private property. That is a lie,” stressed this Sunday the President of Venezuela Hugo Chavez in his weekly TV and radio show “Alo, Presidente.”

“We are willing to protect private property, provided that it benefits society,” he underscored.

The Venezuelan Head of State added that these business groups where the same that took away the property of anything from the people through their banks that charged people with irredeemable interests for their credits.

“Capitalist banks took away many workers their homes with irredeemable credits. How many farmers lost their tractors',” he wondered.

The President of Venezuela also reminded that the members of Fedecamaras and Consecomercio are the same people that supported the coup in 2002. Therefore, Chavez urged population to not believe in them and attend polling stations to vote in the next parliamentarian elections on September 26 to keep strengthening the revolution.

Moreover, Chavez underscored that private media use their shows to teach people since they are kids that they have to become rich.

“They poison children with shows like 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire'' or 'Queen for a Day,' where a poor girl girl is selected and transformed into queen. That is the kind of shows they broadcast,” he commented.

Likewise, Chavez ratified that the milk company Enlandes, nationalized in March 2008, is an example of what socialism means. He said that this socialist industry increased the production and improved workers' labor conditions.

“In Enlandes, workers have transportation only for one shift, now they have three shifts. Industrial clinics measured only 24 square meters, nowadays they measure 286 square meters. There was a single driver for the ambulances, now there are four. The dining rooms were of low quality: unappropriated light, kitchen utensils in bad shape; now, they have air conditioning, televisions and a good kitchen,” Chavez emphasized.