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Caracas, Jun 13. ABN.- The Venezuelan journalist Jose Vicente Rangel requested this Sunday to increase the security at the border with Colombia to reduce organized crimes, drug trafficking and crimes coming from that country.

During the broadcast of his TV show “Jose Vicente Hoy,” the journalist stated: “In this show and by other means, I have talked about the serious problem at the Colombian border.
I have done it before and I will keep doing it because I think the insecurity problem in our country is closed linked with the situation in that part of the national territory.”

Furthermore, Rangel underscored that he would consider the problem a priority and a State security issue, because a porous border like Venezuela-Colombian border, so long (1,377 miles) and with an intense economic activity requires more attention from both governments.

In this regard, Rangel said that the paramilitaries supported by the Colombian Armed Forces have moved to Venezuela with all its violent characteristics to offer their hit men services, kidnap people, drug trafficking -from marijuana to cocaine and heroine. They chose Venezuela as a way to access big world markets.

“I have no doubt that the crime that comes from Colombia, entering our territory through the border, which is precariously guarded and there is not a real policy to face this complicated phenomenon, is highly responsible for the insecurity suffered by Venezuelans nowadays,” he explained.

Rangel underscored that if civil authorities lack from enough resources to reinforce the security, then the Government should consider extreme measures as a militarization of the border in the points where the most aggressive groups operate.

Likewise, he stated that Venezuela has to demand Colombia and its authorities to contribute to prevent that the crime surplus of its country cross the border into Venezuela.

“The protection of the border, from one side and the other, is a common task from both Venezuela's and Colombia's governments and in the face of a new Colombian Government this problem has to be elucidated as soon as possible,” Rangel added.