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Caracas, 16 Jun. ABN.- The Governments of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and the Arab Republic of Egypt will set up cooperation programs in educational matters by means of different activities that allow the exchange of knowledge on the basis of equality, sovereignty and self-determination of the peoples.

According to resolution released at Venezuela's Official Gazette dated on Tuesday Jun.
15, the cooperation accord signed by the two parties last May 18 stipulates that representatives of each country will have to boost the exchange of documents, publications and updated information from the respective educational systems.

Similarly, the Egypt and Venezuela will exchange educational material and information about innovative techniques to use educational technologies as well as information and communication technologies in learning processes.

Also, the delegations will foster the knowledge of culture and literature from the two countries, the same as teaching the Arab language in Venezuela's educational institutions and Spanish in Egypt's.

Representatives from the two countries, students, experts, teachers and researches will be able to take part on international programs, Olympics, festivals, workshops, seminars, conferences, contests, exchange programs and other events organized by each of the parties.

The parties will also work for a shared recognition to college prep diplomas. For it, there will be made easier the equivalence procedures , in compliance with the legal regulations of each nation.

This cooperation accord, signed in El Cairo, Egypt, will be in force for five years extendible for similar terms, unless one of the parties inform its desire to not continue.